Awards and Accolades

Featured at LEILA MAY


Very honoured to be selected as one of the Top 20 most socially influential wedding photographers here in Singapore by Leila May. Proud of every team in d’ZIGN for you as we have always been striving to be the best at the top and continuously giving our best with skillful photography technology and talents to our dearest clients. View more at


Featured at The Straits Times sundaylife! Newspaper

Wedding Drone Videography Singapore, has been in our mind for sometime before we launched it. When we proposed a special one hour fun shoot with drone aerial view, gladly Hock & Applie was excited and accepted the challenge. There were few venues consideration such as Sentosa Beach, Chinese Garden and Jurong Park as part of their wedding day itinerary. We did survey and tested the drone at these venues except Jurong Park where there is a sign of no aerial activity. After tested at Chinese Garden, we found that the bridge is gonna be super awesome. And despite all the hard work… there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that our work and masterpiece has brought an unforgettable happiness, memories & satisfaction to our Clients. Thank you so much to our superb couple Hock & Applie for your trust and the wonderful testimony you have shared with The Straits Times newspaper about us. We are honored!

As written by Bryna Singh on The Straits Times sundaylife! 
Another happy customer is airport operations manager Chua Ching Hock, 30, whose wedding video incorporated drone shots by videography company d’ZIGN for you. He was filmed from the top kissing his bride-to-be in their wedding car and dancing with their team of groomsmen and bridesmaid.
“We called the drone a wasp and kept laughing every time it was overhead,” he says. “We ended up being very relaxed during the shoot and looked really happy on camera.”

View the video :

Read more at The Straits Times online :

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Finalist of The International Travel Photography

Selected as finalist of the 2nd international travel photography competition organised by All of Asia lydiaisnanto02 blog

3rd WINNER @fijiwaterid Photo Contest

View from @fijiwaterid instagram

fijiwaterid-winner DCIM101GOPRO


Featured by Fearless Photographers : Singapore Wedding Photographer – Lydia Isnanto singaporeweddingphotographer-fearlessphotographers-lydiaisnanto


Featured by Pier One Sydney : aussie02


Featured by Aussie Photos : aussie01 Featured by Aussie Photos : aussie04 Featured by Aussie Photos : aussie03


Selected as one of this year’s Top Knots winner for one of video story creation, “Memorable Story & Wedding in Bali.” Could not have done it without the awesome couple Johnny & Jocelyn with their complete trust and love towards d’ZIGN for you. And my awesome team in Singapore, Macau, and Bali : Roy, Erikson, Niko, Yuki. Deepest gratitude also to PDN (Photo District News) and the esteemed panel of judges : Rebecca Crumley (Wedding Photo Director of The Knot Inc.), Muzam Agha (Photo Producer of Martha Stewart Weddings) and Jason Groupp (Director of WPPI). Being selected from among extremely talented international cinematographers truly an honor. Click here to view the winning video : View all this year’s winner in the printed May issue of PDN, which has a distribution of over 25000 including over 5000 influential art buyers, photo editors and art directors : Available also on mobile Newsletter apps “PDN (Photo District News)”, and enjoy special Top Knots Winners’ gallery on PDNonline. Or view online in the 2013 Top Knots Winner Gallery. Check this out for more : 2013topknotswinnervideo2013topknotswinnervideo-pdnmagazinemay03

Finalist in The Cathay Motion Picture 2012 AWARDS

Apart from more than hundred submission, our short film “Celebrate Life” has selected as Finalist. One of the TOP 25 Motion Pictures. As Cathay Organisation turns 77 this year, so this motion picture competition is based on the theme “Celebrate” – and every short film has to be completed within 77 hours. We would like to thank and appreciate all friends, family and d’ZIGN for you’s TEAM who have been supporting us and giving us votes daily. Although we didn’t win first prize but it’s still a great achievement for us. We are thrilled by how you guys believing in us. So we celebrate this moment of the fun experience in making film, met the many great directors, producers, judges & actors, having great encouragers like you guys and friendship with the talented cast in this movie project, I couldn’t stop laughing remember the fun and honored to make things happen together with such positive, handsome, pretty, smart, humble and multitasking actor and actress like Niko, Peter and Yunita 🙂 Check out the short film “CELEBRATE LIFE” here : This short film is about you’ll attract what you believe, so if you believe in faith and positive, you’ll attract that. And if you believe in fear and negative, you’ll attract that as well. There’s no right or wrong, just that you will have what you believe. We hope in the midst of busy life in Singapore, and in the midst of rain and storm that may come to your life, let’s dance and give some space to have faith in yourself and celebrate YOU 🙂 Blog :



Featured as WINNER of the week at NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL 2012

121008-natgeo-photo 121008-photo


Selected as TOP 3 FINALIST out of total 690 entries at ALL SHOTS – GLOBAL COMMUNITY of Instagrammers IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_9720

Selected as One of the Editor’s picks from National Geographic Traveler Magazine 2012

This photo (no.4) was taken when I was a Photographer for Aldo & Nova’s wedding in Israel. And show cased as one of the Editor’s picks from National Geographic Traveler Magazine 2012. bp4 SPONTANEOUS MOMENT OF WOMENS PRAYER : This was my first time seeing many women from the youngest to the oldest praying seriously with all of their heart and mind. (Lydia Isnanto/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

WINNER of the week for GF SINGAPORE

WINNER of the week for GF SINGAPORE #gf_SG top4

Featured as one THE BEST OF THE BEST in TOWN in Blissful Brides Magazine 

Featured as one THE BEST OF THE BEST in TOWN in Blissful Brides Magazine (Jan-Jun 2012) Click here to view more : THE Best of the BEST-lowres


Tell us about yourself, how did you actually started out in this business? Lydia: There is love happening around us everyday.. on the streets, in the mall, beach…everywhere. My passion is to discover these through photography and videography every single day. This business started through videography. I did a few montage and love story video clips. Slowly I expanded my expertise into capturing wedding days with both videography and photography. It amazes me to discover how love can be captured in photographs and videos. They truly can speak a thousand words. Check this out for more:

simplywedding interview shorter

Featured at City News

Cupid With A Camera Behind every wedding there is a story. Lydia Isnanto uncovers it and tells the story in images. “The love story of a couple gives me the inspiration for the concept behind the video. We want to capture the most meaningful moments for each couple. Each story is unique and we have to look at it differently—there is no fixed template for a wedding video.” Lydia Isnanto, is the antithesis of the typical “creative director”: she is cheerful, generous, kind and yes, creative and resourceful. These attributes give her the ability to unlock that unique story behind the coming together of a couple, and to use different concepts and angles to create one-of-a-kind photo albums and wedding videos for each of her clients…. Check this out for more : 111011-12-CITY-NEWS-media-of-Lydia-Isnanto-dZIGN-LOWRES

ONE of TOP 100 MOST INSPIRING REAL WOMEN on 12 March 2011, organized by CozyCot International Women’s Day

Selected as one of TOP 100 MOST INSPIRING REAL WOMEN on 12 March 2011, organized by CozyCot International Women’s Day. IMG_1897 women (72)

Finalist In in The Professional Category of Creative Video Awards 2011, brought by MediaCorp’s Channel 5 and the Singapore Media Academy

Based on a remarkable true story, this video captured the life story of a 5 year old little girl named Janelle Leo. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 4. Over the past one year, she has braved through many harsh treatments. At such a tender age, she exhibited the traits of a fighter and warrior. Her source of strength comes from the memories of her loved ones. One of the best memories is with the hero in her life; her mommy. Janelle knows that the cancer treatment is a necessary part of her recovery. Knowing that everything will be okay as long as her hero is by her side, she is full of hope for tomorrow. She wants to be a superhero for her daddy and mommy. We are truly honored to have produced this video with title “My Hero”, which was shortlisted as a finalist in the Professional Category of Creative Video Awards 2011, brought by MediaCorp’s Channel 5 and the Singapore Media Academy and supported by CANON Singapore. Click here to view more : VIDEO : BLOG : lowres01lowres02

FIRST prize in the Professional Category of the “Life Caring Moments” photography contest organized by Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Generated more than 500 over submissions, this photo has won FIRST prize in the Professional category of the “Life’s Caring Moments” photography contest organized by Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), as part of Suicide Awareness Week 2009. It’s a great privilege for me to be part of World Suicide Prevention Day. Every day in Singapore, at least 1 person dies by suicide. Many more would have attempted and lived. For every suicide attempt or death, more family, friends and care givers would be affected. This photo and exhibition hopefully could remind everyone of the caring moments in their lives and to draw on them during life’s difficult and distressing times. This winning photo speaks of hope. In times of distress when we are feeling down and troubled, keep our eyes and point our finger to the right direction and we will see the great destiny that lies within us. The best is yet to be =) View more here : 00010002

Shortlisted as Best Entries in Asia pacific Screen Awards at CNN

Click here to view more : 090709_05

Featured at Extraordinary Online Magazine

Igniting The Passion As a creative soul, Lydia is motivated by the surprises each new day brings. As an eager individual, Lydia’s zealous attitude has her travelling and meeting people as she strides on a discovery path of new ideas. As a passionate photographer, Lydia is inspired by the essence of life itself. Lydia is the founder of “d’ZIGN for you” – her instrument of wedding inspirations for the past 3 years. She shares her love for wedding photography openly as she captures the still frames of loving, blissful couples. Initially, she had dabbled in creating wedding videos for friends that had consistently garnered praise. So from then on, Lydia has since followed her heart and never looked back. How does Lydia work? Check this out for more : 090304_014

Mum’s Strength Inspired First Prize Winning Video

First prize Mum’s strength inspired winning video / MTV (11 May 2008) Featured in My Paper, Monday 12 May 2008 Organized by ASIAONE Mother’s Day 2008 in Super Mum Contest. Click here to view the video : 080512mypaperASIAONE


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