I have always enjoyed a good story and especially those with an impactful message, bringing awareness to an issue, empowering women, stories of transformation, stories of healing. My passion since I was a young girl in my native country of Indonesia was to tell these stories to anybody who would listen.

I have spent the majority of my adult life pursuing this dream, sometime doing the grunt work to make ends meet and other times living out the dream. I started my own company in Singapore, doing both photography and film productions. After relocating to the United States with my husband, I have been able to concentrate fully on bringing stories to life. In between film projects, I also host a podcast telling stories of great women called DREAMPRENEURS CHAT.  I have the opportunity to chat with awesome and incredible women making their stories happen through business and influence.

In my most recent film project, THIS IS ME (2019), filmed in Austin, Texas and where I wrote, directed, co-produced, cinematographed and edited, I was fortunate enough to have a great cast and crew to bring this project to life. This story was created for and dedicated to mental illness survivors and warriors. To date, the film has been screened in San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Texas, with more than 20 accolades and has won nine awards, including a special Mental Health Community Award from the Los Angeles Silicon Beach Film Festival.

I also wrote, directed, co-produced, cinematographed and edited THE CALLING (2018), filmed in San Francisco Bay area. The film tells the story of transformation and healing, based on a true story of a writer, a pastor and a filmmaker, Tony Gapastione. This short film was made entirely with iPhone celebrating the creative movement of smartphone filmmaking. THE CALLING has been screened in San Francisco and New York. It has won five awards, including the Best Phone Made Film award from Olympus Film Festival Los Angeles.

While back in Singapore, I had the tremendous opportunity to work with a super talented band, FantabulouZ and create a music video for their song, BFF (2017). I had the privilege to write the screenplay, direct and cinematograph the music video. The video portrays a fictional story about two best friends with inspiration about true friendship. To date, the music video has won three awards and screened at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival and Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase.

I realize that I could only get this far through the strong tribe of people who believes and supports me. I pray to continue bring impactful and meaningful stories for many years in the future.