A film produced, directed, cinematography by Lydia Isnanto
Starring Kaitlyn Newman, Alvin Buckley, Michael Collier, Jessica Brynn Cohen, Brian Bilica, Calli Jennings and Lillie Stuckey
Supporting Cast Rick Case, Patrick Lescarbeau, Terance Flowers, Tyson Oliver Pines and Jason Reyes
Screenplay & Story by Lydia Isnanto
Sound Recordist Josh Rodriguez
Gaffer Evelyn Sifton
Photographer Gina Park
Make Up & FX Artist Pati Currie
Production Assistant Tyson Oliver Pines
Associate Producer
Doug Hanson


This is a true story of a writer, a pastor and a filmmaker, Tony Gapastione. After enduring the pain of divorce and bullying through his childhood, he also suffered through the suicide of his grandmother as an adult. These events from this past and the lingering voices in his head haunted him and left him broken… but that was not the end of his story. His life was changed when he realized his pain didn’t have to define him, but it prepared him for his mission. Stories can heal the world, but we have to let them heal us first. This is THE CALLING.


Starring Holly Stewart, Nate Rubio, Theresa Donahoe & Brad Crooker.
Written & Directed by Tony Gapastione
Cinematography & Editing by Lydia Isnanto
Produced by Omar Del Rio, Lydia Isnanto, & Tony Gapastione
Story by Israel Soler


Starring Caroline Tjen & Jules Rusli
MUSIC VIDEO screenplay & directed by Lydia Isnanto
Music & Lyrics by FantabulouZ (
“BFF” MP3 is available on iTunes and CD BABY HERE

BFF (Best Friends Forever) Music Video Awards :
1.) Nominee for Best Music Video and Official Selection at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2018
2.) 2 Awards of Recognition from The IndieFEST Film Awards with categories Music Video and Women Filmmakers :
3.) Special Mention Awards from One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2018 :

FantabulouZ believes all women around the world, regardless of their background are beautiful, gifted with God given talents, and unique. FantabulouZ exists to facilitate women everywhere to find their passion and purpose throughout the journey, and to live their lives to the fullest potential despite life adversities. FantabulouZ ensures that women everywhere are not alone in this journey, there is a strong connection called girlfriendship to hold each other’s hand, learning from one another, and never give up to reach their dreams.


Starring Caroline Tjen
MUSIC VIDEO screenplay & directed by Lydia Isnanto
Music & Lyrics by Caroline Tjen (Follow @carolinetjen on Facebook + Twitter
“Because of Love” is available on iTunes

I still remember when my Mum was at her 4th year of cancer, Auntie Suzie who was also at her stage 4 of cancer, came and prayed for my Mum. With her faith that never doubt who God is, the God that so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. Her prayer and faith bring heaven so close to our family’s heart. Even in the midst of her condition fighting cancer, she was just being there, smile, shopping with my Mum. Right now, this 2 beautiful women in my heart, my Mum and Auntie Suzie has went back home in Heaven with eternal happiness.

“Because of Love” song written and performed by Caroline Tjen in memory of her beloved Mum (Auntie Suzie). Being part of this project truly a great honor for us. With all the awesome team, we did the shooting until 3 am in the morning, yet overwhelmed by joy, laughter, hope and celebration of our heavenly citizenship. Thank you to Stella Hirawan who believes in us and Caroline Tjen who gave us the privilege producing this video of her inspiring journey. She is a truly talented singer with an amazing heart, her commitment to love, specially throughout the ups and down of Auntie Suzie’s life, truly inspiring. Her song and story has bring forth heaven and encouragement to the many souls in need.


Starring Niko, Lydia Isnanto, Yuki Lauw & Yudhi
SHORT FILM written, produced and directed : Lydia Isnanto


Starring Niko, Peter Hendry & Yunita
Short Film written, produced and directed Lydia Isnanto